Casual Friday: The Obama Sex Act

Obama Loves His Mirror

Sean Hannity described the situation with President Obama’s scam compromise on another of his failed policies. I call Obama’s failed policy to force religious organizations to pay for products/services for contraceptives, abortions, etc., for employees as the Obama Sex Act.

Initially, Obama’s Sex Act would require employers to provide insurance coverage including contraceptives, abortions and other products/services that many people of faith reject. In an attempt to quell the outrage Obama now says the employers do not have to provide these products/services but the insurance companies providing the employer’s insurance benefits must provide these items ‘free of charge’.

For Obamacare Obama to mandate what private sector entities ‘must provide’ is outrageous on its own. But the fact remains President Obama’s ‘compromise’ changes nothing. The religious organizations providing insurance for their employees are still paying for a policy Obama says must provide the products/services for free that religious organizations object to as a matter of religious beliefs. It changes nothing.

I mentioned that others have been commenting on this topic and that would provide a target-rich environment for posts on this blog. A notable example comes from, no surprise here, Michelle Malkin. Her columnn describing Sanger and the Planned Parenthood scam is recommended reading. The liberal agenda continues to be the anti-American proposition fully supported by the current President.

My own general opinion on the matter is simple. Choices have consequences. Individual rights and responsibilities, a core American value, supports the notion we all must accept the consequences of our actions. To suggest everyone is ‘entitled’ to products/services that relate to sexual activity is absurd. Following the notion that individuals have rights but must accept responsibility for their actions places the ‘responsibility’ for their choices regarding sex on them. In other words, if you cannot afford or ‘deal with’ the consequences of your choices regarding sex you should not engage in sexual activity.

Medicare should not pay for erectile dysfunciton products. If you cannot ‘get it up’ on your own taxpayers should not pay for your attempt to remedy the situation. If your sexual choices result in a pregnancy taxpayers should not be required to pay for your abortion if you elect to choose that option. Calling these ‘services’ by other names like ‘women’s health’ is a scam noted in Malkin’s column on Sanger and Planned Parenthood. These are not women’s health issues. These are scams requiring taxpayers to fund dispicable alternatives to doing the right thing.

As for those of you who raise the issue of forced sex and its consequences I offer a rebuttal. For every tragic circumstance there is a reasonable solution. Individuals who possess a remarkable quantity and quality of character rise above these challenges by selecting solutions that make us proud as human beings. To suggest these limited occurences offer no alternative but more of the same from the liberal agenda demonstrates why this ideology is corrupt and counter to traditional American values.

To summarize this and the previous ‘Casual Friday’ post understand the Obamanation’s demonizing of banks as the sole perps in the mortgage meltdown as well as his attack on religious faith will be his undoing in November. Add to that his failed policies to improve anything in America will stand out as the prime evidence to reject his re-election.

Stanford Matthews

Casual Friday: Mortgages, Sex and More Obama BS

Obama Overwhelmed

As if the Obamacare mandate (one of many) that has stirred the pot so predictably on the topic of contraception, abortion and all manner of products and services for having sex to be paid for by those who object for those who do not another Obama-mandate that demonizes some players in the ‘mortgage meltdown’ while allowing others to skate tops this week’s list of scams perpetrated by President Obama.

The mortgage servicing settlement announced by US AG Eric Holder where five banks will pay $20 to $25 billion to subsidize the mortgages of a select group of individuals is absolutely outrageous. Not that they will listen but officials in my fine home state will be hearing from me on the matter. I sincerely think everyone has gone crazy.

Biometric FaceThis post is a preamble for later ones that will continue on this subject. If you have followed the story behind this BS settlement one thing is clear. Those responsible for the bad things that happened are not limited to the five banks the Obama Administration has ‘fingered’ for this ‘public hanging’.

Since the settlement was announced numerous comments have been expressed pointing to the details of this scam. Something tells me this story will be a target rich environment capable of destroying the Obamanation. Add to that the ‘sex subsidies’ announced with Obama’s ‘contraception/abortion’ mandate and 2012 just got better. That is if you believe President Obama should be sent packing in November.

Stanford Matthews