Kucinich Liberal Dynasty: Dennis, Elizabeth & Jackie

Adam and Eve

Before the Kucinich Dynasty implodes this blog is compelled to publish at least one more ‘Dennis’ post. There is some humor to be shared before it’s all over but Congressman Kucinich’s recent primary loss to Marcy Kaptur in a redistricting turf battle was the initial ‘stimulus’ for this entry.

An old post about Kucinich, Dennis et al, received an inordinate amount of traffic after his primary loss this year. Based on server and visitor stats it appears the interest was as much about Elizabeth (Dennis’ third wife) as it was about the Congressman or the primary election loss. That is understandable because at the time of the original post on this blog that also seemed to be the attraction. Hence, the decision to post.

I don’t always pay that much attention to stories posted here based on their anticipated popularity and timely relevance. There are some details I did not notice initially but have since registered on my selective radar that generally ignores sensationalism. Skip the next part of this post if you are only interested in the titillating aspects of the story.

from the Daily Caller via Yahoo:

Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich is traveling to Washington state next month, making a trip destined to stoke speculation that the eight-term congressman is again considering a run for Congress in that state.

from Roll Call (one of the former employers of the Congressman’s daughter, Jackie):

Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich is traveling to Washington state next month, making a trip destined to stoke speculation that the eight-term congressman is again considering a run for Congress in that state.

What is troubling in these accounts points to the liberal ‘low bar’ for voter and candidacy requirements in the lefty state of Washington.

Brian Zylstra of the Washington Secretary of State’s office explained to TheDC last year that “there is no time period component to the residency requirement with respect to being eligible for the office.”

The Washington State Constitution grants citizens who have lived in the state 30 days prior to an election the right to register to vote.

It is the opinion of this blogger that voters who relocate should be required to vote in their previous location for the next election cycle. Likewise or similar, candidates should be required to reside in a state for a longer period of time before seeking public office. But I digress.

Now it’s time for the fun stuff.

Dennis John Kucinich was born on October 8, 1946. Elizabeth Jane (Harper) Kucinich was born on October 22, 1977. Jackie Kucinich, Dennis Kucinich’s daughter was born in 1981.

Call me old-fashioned but I didn’t notice at the time of my original ‘how Kucinich found love’ post the dates and details involved. C’mon, the current wife (one of three) of Congressman Kucinich is about four years older than his daughter! Which brings up more about the liberal thing.

To begin with, this conservative has always viewed Dennis Kucinich as a likeable liberal. I can’t say that about most liberals so from me that is a huge compliment. Granted, I share none of Congressman Kucinich’s views with the exception we all want peace. It is just how we get there that causes the debate.

So what’s the liberal ‘index’ for this political ‘family’?

Elizabeth Jane Harper, aka, the current Mrs. Kucinich was an animal rights activist at the age of 14. Nothing wrong with advocating for animals but it is a common resume’ filler for liberals. She left school and volunteered for a project in India attributed to Mother Teresa. I’m a fan of Mother Teresa but again, this move was a common resume’ builder for a liberal.

Since then Elizabeth Kucinich may demonstrate why her marriage to Dennis was a union made in liberal heaven. No need to document the liberal history of Congressman Kucinich but his daughter’s work history is interesting as it supports the family ideology.

Some members of the House Republican Caucus are mad at the Dennis Kucinich clan—and not because the liberal presidential candidate and congressman from Ohio bucks them on almost every issue. GOPers are groaning because they say his only child, Jackie, regularly “beats up” on conservatives via The Hill, where she’s been on staff since 2005.

From what I can tell Jackie Kucinich worked for the Hill dot com, Roll Call dot com and is currently, maybe, employed by the USA Today, a Gannett company, as a political reporter.

For those of you waiting for the tabloid content in this post, here it is. I have to say the only reason it is being presented is because when I first read it at Wiki I couldn’t stop laughing.

In the course of her work with Zarlenga, she met Dennis Kucinich, who proposed to her during their second meeting and they married in 2005 in his native Cleveland, Ohio.

The Sunday Times noted that one of her heroines is Diana, Princess of Wales, partly for her bringing “compassion back into public life”.

Harper has her tongue pierced with a silver stud. Like her husband she is a vegan.

Do I really have to explain this?

BTW, it appears from the reports I read that are dated Jackie Kucinich married Jared Allen on October 22, 2011. Other reports indicate they were engaged around April 20, 2011 where the WSJ announced the two were some of their favorite people. Buth spent time at the Hill dot com.

Stanford Matthews