Repealing Obamacare: Levin’s Amendment Fails, Stabenow’s Passes

The US Senate voted on repealing Obamacare and no one should be surprised at the outcome. Most people should also be aware that the GOP now holds the majority in the House where a vote to repeal Obamacare passed. That the Democrats who pushed Obamacare into law still hold a majority in the Senate explains why the vote to repeal failed.

One small but significant victory in the effort to repeal Obamacare took place in the Senate this week as well. Senator Carl Levin who submitted the amendment that failed had this to say about bipartisanship.

Mr. President, there is, I believe, overwhelming bipartisan support for repeal of recent changes to the 1099 reporting requirement. Small businesses in my state and across the country have told us that the new reporting requirements they face under the Affordable Care Act will create an unnecessary burden that could make already tough times even tougher. I believe there may even be a consensus among our colleagues that we should act.

So what was the problem with Levin’s amendment?

But I strongly oppose some of the methods proposed to address this problem. Those methods would undermine Congress’ role in the Constitutional scheme of separation of powers among the branches of government, and they would abdicate Congress’ responsibility to decide on the spending of taxpayer dollars. We can and must remove the 1099 burden on small businesses, we can and we should do so without abandoning our role in determining federal spending. The power of the purse should not and cannot be handed to the President – any President.

Well, that’s Carl Levin’s explanation. But another of Mr Levin’s statements gives more clues to his real concerns.

So Mr. President, I favor the repeal of the 1099 reporting requirement. And I favor paying the cost of repeal, whether through spending reductions or closing tax loopholes. But I strongly oppose paying for the repeal by abdicating our power of the purse, a power we have under the Constitution to the Director of OMB to unilaterally make spending cuts to programs that we have previously enacted.

Mr Levin has this big concern about the cost of repealing a relatively small part of Obamacare yet apparently has no problem with the massive expense of a new government program with dollars being measured in trillions.

Mr Levin’s playing with your money is the most likely reason for the failure of his amendment. His colleague, Debbie Stabenow is the sponsor of the amendment that passed overwhelmingly. So the good news is the expanded 1099 reporting requirements are gone.

As an aside in closing this post and a parting shot to those currently calling for ‘civility’ in politics this bit of humor is presented. Some time ago someone who does not look favorably upon Debbie Stabenow and her liberal antics referred to her as Debbie stab me now. I laughed then and I laugh now. If the liberals who see their world crumbling all around them can only offer ‘talking nice’ now that their vile words against others have failed it simply demonstrates how pathetic their agenda is.

Since ‘black comedy’ or ‘dark comedy’ is a genre in the ‘performing arts’ and similar endeavors and has not been called out for being uncivilized it seems there is a fallacy in the liberal argument against certain speech. That comes as a surprise to no one.

Stanford Matthews


Undoing Obamacare: Senate repeal fails 47-51 on party-line vote; 1099 provision killed 83-17