Walker, Kleefisch, Fitzgerald, Wanggaard, Moulton, Petrowski & Wisconsin Win

Signing by Trumbull

Governor Walker wins out over Tom Barrett 54% to 45%.
Lt Gov Rebecca Kleefisch wins out ovr Mahlon Mitchell 54% to 46%
Wi Senator Scott Fitzgerald wins out over Lori Compas 60% to 39%
Wi Senator Van Wanggaard wins out over John Lehman 62% to 38%
Wi Senator Terry Moulton wins out over Kristen Dexter 60% to 40%
Wi Senator Jerry Petrowski wins out over Donna Seidel 61% to 39%

Conservative prinicples win out over union thugs in Wisconsin.

God bless America. God bless Wisconsin. God bless conservative principles.

A word of caution: These victories require honoring our nation’s founding principles.

Stanford Matthews

Governor — 2,919 of 3,424 precincts reporting (85%)
Scott Walker (i) [R] 1,101,144 54%
Tom Barrett [D] 911,120 45%
Hari Trivedi [I] 11,471 1%

Lieutenant Governor — 2,903 of 3,424 precincts reporting (85%)
Rebecca Kleefisch (i) [R] 1,062,090 54%
Mahlon Mitchell [D] 898,691 46%

State Senate District 13 — 80 of 97 precincts reporting (82%)
Scott Fitzgerald (i) [R] 39,829 60%
Lori Compas [D] 26,272 39%
Terry Virgil [L] 594 1%

State Senate District 21 — 13 of 60 precincts reporting (22%)
Van Wanggaard (i) [R] 11,301 62%
John Lehman [D] 7,033 38%

State Senate District 23 — 128 of 168 precincts reporting (76%)
Terry Moulton [R] 30,040 60%
Kristen Dexter [D] 20,336 40%

State Senate District 29 — 156 of 172 precincts reporting (91%)
Jerry Petrowski [R] 36,168 61%
Donna Seidel [D] 23,327 39%

(date courtesy one of the TV stations in Green Bay, Wisconsin)

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