Carl Bernstein’s Bio on Hillary Rodham Clinton

This could be a campaign buster.
Bernstein’s 640-page book, “A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton,'’ has an announced first printing of 350000 copies.

Hillary Rodham ClintonIt’s not due out ’til June 19th and yet Carl Bernstein’s book is already on our bestseller list. Okay, we don’t have a bestseller list, but if we did we’re sure this book would be on it. Hey, Carl, can you just send us the dirt we don’t know about yet? Do you have more on Whitewater, or Vince Foster or why no one made a stink about Hillary Rodham Clinton wasting $29 million dollars on her last campaign?

Could you tell us, Carl, where did Hillary develop her disappointing accent for giving speeches in the South? And what about her sympathy for those she thinks have a common history of suffering with her?

Hillary Bio by Bernstein Due Out June 19

Wyoming News, WY - Apr 24, 2007
By HILLEL ITALIE Tuesday, April 24, 2007. NEW YORK - A long-awaited biography of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, written by investigative reporter Carl Bernstein

Watergate reporter pens Clinton book

London Free Press, Canada - Apr 25, 2007
By AP. NEW YORK — A biography of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, written by investigative reporter Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame, is coming out June 19. …

It would be equally nice to know if Carl Bernstein will pick up where this Michelle Malkin piece is centered.



April 25, 2007 — IN 1992, Bill Clinton hit a po litical home run with his “Sister Souljah” moment. In 2007, Hillary Clinton suffered a reverse “Sister Souljah” strikeout. If it’s not the end of her presidential aspirations, it should be.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has not received enough attention from this blog since the last time we paid attention to her. That oversight must be corrected from this point forward. Although the public sphere presents an incredibly target-rich environment, some priorities must be cemented. Exposing Hillary Rodham Clinton for who she is must be near the top or sharing center stage with equally worthy targets. That would be targeting what is wrong with America. If people can still tolerate Bill and Hillary after all the public exposure citing their misdeeds, then that is what is wrong with America.

Stanford Matthews

BTW, Mr Bernstein, sir, I hope you have as much success and your book creates a similar outcome as the historic consequences of All the President’s Men. And tell Woodward to do something again.


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